ACIN Group
The ACIN Group is a pioneer in creating technological solutions in the Cloud. Since 1999, the company is dedicated to training in the area of IT.
An Awarded company that has 6 years of experience in the creation of games and applications, in a B2B and B2C viewpoint.


Floating Particle is specialized in AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Big Data, implemented in innovative technologies for energy, water & waste management.

GesTools ASP
Consulting company for innovative Cloud solutions, that acts as a bridge between a network of private and public research and innovation entities.
Lim9 is an Innovation Studio that uses Immersive Technologies, AI, the Blockchain and a big dose of Creativity to transform your business.
Nearsoft Solutions
Provides Digital Banking, eGovernment Solutions and Software Engineering Services, transforming and simplifying processes.
Press Power
Press Power aims to be a reliable competitor in the digital information area by providing innovative and high-quality information content.
XIS Group
XIS Group is composed of several companies from the most different areas. We develop, engineer, finance, teach, and operate. 



Dimmersions is an Immersive Tech Startup that creates FUTURISTIC Solutions that we can use Today. Home of B0-R15, VZLZAR & LegendAR.


DTWay is a building digitalization consulting company, which focuses on the potential that infrastructure has to provide digital information.


Augmented Reality, second screen app that empowers sports fans to access smart data, live.                                       


LínguaOnline is a platform for learning Portuguese and Spanish online from level A1 to level C2. Everything that you need and completely online!


Oldo is a holistic platform where you can manage all dog-related services and keep track of your dog’s health and social well-being.


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